Instagram is certainly one of the most powerful advertising media at the moment. Its exponential growth drew the attention of numerous marketers and it is rare today that a brand or a B2C company is not active on this platform.

In this list, we’ll introduce ten of our favourite digital nomads and nomadic duos who, in their unique ways share their travels and inspire us in our search of new places to discover. 


Some of our favourite accounts


We've been following him since 2017 when he started traveling the world on his own, providing plenty of useful information on places and countries his visits. Julien is a web developer who clearly has an eye for photography. Make sure to check out his youtube channel – it's well worth a visit! 



Paul is just this amazing human-being, Australian, dreamer, lover of life, tech entrepreneurs who recently launched his own business helping people creating and selling online courses. Featured in Forbes no less. If you love Bali and mojitos, following him is a must. 



Max initially met them during his stay at Roam Coliving in Bali and since then, I'm obsessed with the quality of their wonderful pictures and choices of incredible destinations. Their latest: the magnificent Iceland!



Matthew Kepnes, better known as Nomadic Matt, is probably one of the most well-known digital nomads today. His career as a digital nomad and avid traveler is impressive. His website attracts over a million visitors per month, and he’s a New York Times best-selling author.



Digital nomad travel couple that makes me just want to copy their shots (and lightroom preset 😬) – no seriously, check them out!



Full-time digital travel couple, content creators and business entrepreneurs, they are sharing unique photos and videos and authentic travel stories.



A fellow Frenchy who got featured on FuyonsLaDéfense like I did, and someone who seems to share the same state of mind regarding the importance of our personal life-work-balance as digital nomads. Keep it up Isis! 



"Friday rocks..." She said it all. Brand marketer and content creator, Meri describes herself as a location independent workation pro. We absolute love her pictures from Scandinavia! 



Female traveler, Ashley Krooks is a digital marketer and business mentor helping others escape the 9-5. Tempted yet?

Last but not least, well, our own own account – obviously related to our store, you can however come follow Max and myself to see our own travels and adventures as digital nomads.



What digital nomad Hashtags to follow?

Whilst the community of digital nomads is growing every day, we love seeing what other location independent workers are up to and what places they are exploring currently. To do so as well, come follow these hashtags:


P.S. If you're already a customer, feel free to share your photos with us by tagging and we'll happily repost your shots!