If you have read the news as we did, you already know that a month ago, the Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by the first of a series of devastating earthquakes, and aftershocks still keep on coming. More than 70.000 people have been evacuated and tens of thousands of houses have collapsed, leaving many families to now live in temporary shelter camps. It's heartbreaking - mostly because we have visited the island and know many Indonesians that currently live there. 


When you have been living in a country, either for a short or long period of time, or even if you simply visited it, you feel more concerned about such things. You know places that have been destroyed, people you have talked to everyday whom might be directly or indirectly affected by such events. 

We were living in Ubud when the Mt Agung volcano erupted last year. While some of our friends left, we stayed and while we were wandering around, we discovered that even if the volcano has not yet erupted, people needed help after being evacuated out of specific danger zones. With their homes, they left part of their lives. Just because certain events aren't broadcasted on TV anymore doesn't mean that everything is fine again. In fact, many people still live in the streets or camps, afraid of the next earthquake. 


Whilst we are not currently in Bali, we feel the urge of helping as much as we can and so, we have decided to donate 10% of our profits from the Bali Collection to one association I have volunteered with last year: Agung Siaga. Agung Siaga Community is a volunteer Info and Logistics Hub based in Ubud. Initially founded to aid evacuees displaced by the volcanic activity of Mt Agung, Agung Siaga is now aiding the people of neighbouring Lombok affected by a string of devastating earthquakes.


Below is a post from the organization. 

If you'd like to directly donate, please feel free to do so on their GoFundMe page


Families stand by their shattered houses, guarding what little they have left, hand clearing rubble, hoping for government support that will not be nearly enough to rebuild or sustain their family in the long haul. 
Please keep the donations coming ... and share to spread the word.. this is only the beginning.

Our field team tells us that these goods are urgently needed- drop off if you can.. or PLEASE donate cash so we can source in Bali and ship to Lombok, as supplies are running out there. 
- Lighting- torches, lanterns, headlamps (pref solar or rechargeable). If not, please include batteries.
- Warmth- clean blankets, rope
- Water filters/sterilising tabs
- Communications: power banks, multi chargers (when there is any electricity, sockets are few). Walkie Talkie sets

Source: Facebook