It's been almost a year since Max and I hit the road together. And man, what a year! Some would say we are lucky to have been to so many places and experience so many things in such a short period of time... Which, let's be honest here, is true (#SorryNotSorry) and we're incredibly grateful to be able to work & travel at the same time. But most people forget what it really means when it comes to the day-to-day life: organisation, work, open-mind, curiosity, work again, uncertainty and sometimes simply a little overwhelmed by being together 24/7 – after all, who doesn't enjoy a little me-time, huh?

Mostly, as a woman at least, it also means not much shopping for yourself because when you move around so much you don't want to have more than 20kg of luggage. Okay, okay.. Maybe you can fit 6 more kilograms in Max's luggage. Anyway, still, much less shopping than I usually like to do. And this is why I always love shopping for blank travel. Bonus: I get to share with you all those wonderful things from various places across the globe!

Why South Africa?

Cape Town was up on both our bucket lists because it was far enough to experience something completely different. Cape Town is an African city that offers pretty much what a big American metropole could offer – of course, including a fantastic list of yummy restaurants for Max's taste buds. A country which is so vast that you could quickly go on a weekend getaway and still feel like you're completely alone in some remote part of the world. And hey, looking out the car's window and spotting a giraffe out there in the middle of nowhere is also pretty frickin' cool! 

What products, and why?

When I started to walk around and dig into the local culture and shops, I instantly fell in love with those African prints - whilst those have been around in Europe already for a while, those headbands and bracelets are just too beautiful to ignore.

When we travel to someplace new, I can't stop picturing what our future home will look like and what I'd love to bring back from all our travels if we weren't living our nomadic lifestyles. Anytime I find something special, something a little unique, something that I can picture in our future home and of course something related to the country we're in, we buy it for our new collection. No market research, sure a few calculations here and there, but mostly our taste and instinct. Well, and worst case scenario, if we don't sell the item… it'll be mine #WaitWhat?

Here's a good example: I found this Cape Town vintage poster that would be perfect in a kitchen. And these bone handle salad servers, because, of course, I love making salads and cooking pasta… not that you guys know already that I'm the best worst cook on the planet.

Thankfully, I've got Max for all this kitchen dark magic. I, on the other hand, seem to be an expert in picking beautiful accessories – remember how Max loved our Bali Bag? Well, it worked again. He, once again, just didn't stop complimenting me on this Half Moon Clutch I spotted. 


And now?

Whilst our time in this wonderful country has come to an end, we are happy to announce that the South Africa collection will be ready for shipping starting the 8th of October. But don't forget, it's a limited collection, so be quick!