Who could have thought bamboo charcoal would have so many properties. It's hard to describe a product with so many beneficial components that can help your health and your way of life. The bamboo charcoal works as a multi-function tool for you and your environment, turning it healthier and more balanced. It is straightforward to use and remarkably powerful. Here is a non-exhaustive list of how to use it. 

Ten uses of Takesumi bamboo charcoal

1. The powdered charcoal is the best remedy for food poisoning, but it can be taken in small doses regularly to boost the immune system.

2. Using bamboo charcoal will whiten teeth when used as toothpaste. 

3. Placing a stick in cooking water or oil to enhance the taste and prevent the food from absorbing the oil. 

4. Putting a stick in water will remove chlorine and other bacteria by adding ideal minerals for health. 

5. Placing a couple of sticks in the fridge will help to keep food fresh and long lasting and will absorb odors. 

6. Putting a couple of sticks in strategic places in your house will prevent mildew and odors and will absorb humidity

7. After using the Takesumi sticks for a long time, cut or crush them up and put it in the garden to revitalize the soil

8. Bamboo vinegar (made from the condensation from the kiln during the baking process) is a natural acetic acid that's good for the skin in fighting bacteria and prevent from mosquitoes flies. 

9. The Takesumi bamboo salt (made by filling the bamboo with sea-salt before placing in the kiln) has negative alkaline charge providing trace elements to revitalize body cells. It has a delightfully smoky taste to enhance food

10. Wearing a small bamboo charcoal pendant will protect you against electromagnetic smog, which surrounds us from smartphones and computers.