Max is a foodie - the real one, the one who chooses a country to travel to depending on what he could have on his plate. He has a full list of restaurants on Google Maps around the world. Not only the ones he has tested but some he has heard of. I admire that. He could talk about a plate of pasta for hours while I would just say "oh yeah, it was good". Some people just have this passion for what they’re eating, some don’t. Max is amongst the passionate foodies and this is why, we can give you a list of our top 10 restaurants in Ubud. Ubud for now, but the full list of Bali will follow.


Let’s be honest, Max isn’t the biggest fan of vegetarian-only restaurants, but.. Moksa had been recommended to the both of us for their local plant-based cuisine, so we just had to try it out ourselves. A little way out of town, Moksa let’s you escape the busy Ubud and eat in a relaxing environment, surrounded by their permaculture gardens. Wether for lunch or for dinner, trust us, this place is definitely worth a visit.


Keep your afternoon free when you book at the Locavore for lunch because you’ll definitely not be able to work afterwards. As a bistronomique restaurant, Locavore brings the best of Bali and Indonesia to the table. Located in central Ubud, Locavore offers casual modern cuisine with European and Indonesian influences. All the ingredients are locally sourced – even the plates and silverware come from regional craftsmen. 

With five or seven course tasting menus changing with the season, you are in for a treat year-round. Cohesively labeled “carnivore” or “herbivore,” these menus are an explosion of creativity and can be paired with cocktails in between each degustation. Dishes are served directly by the chefs themselves and you can watch the action as each of your orders becomes nothing short of art on a plate.


If you don't get a chance to book a table at Locavore, then you'll probably end up eating at NusantaraLocavore's little sister. Right across the street, Nusantara is a gem in itself!   

Joglo Rice Fields

A bit of a coincidence and luck to have found this one. It’s on the right of a small mud road but when the sun is out, the rice fields are green and you have a scooter, this is the perfect place to chill out or get some good work done.


Not quite right up Max's alley, but, if you're into healthy and vegans products - and it's probably the case if you've been staying in Ubud for more than 2 weeks, then Alchemy is the place to be. Located right in front of RoamCo Living, it's more than a healthy lunch cafe, it’s a popular meet-up place, juice and salad bar, organic health and cosmetic treatments store in one.

Mudra Café

Open in 2017, Mudra hit the mark with quirky decor, great food and drinks that quickly saw hordes of yoga practitioners filling up the space - most of them coming from Taksu Yoga, right across the street. Mudra’s food checks all the boxes of cruelty-free, dietary-restriction flexible, and Ubud trendworthy instagrammability. Most importantly, the food is jaw-droppingly good. It’s fresh, flavourful, and memorable.

Yellow Flower Cafe

So far, my favorite place in Ubud to have a good breakfast - avocado toast is a must but the smoothie bowl is a must-try too. It can be a bit of a challenge finding the Yellow Corner Cafe as it's tucked away in a maze of alleys and paths, but it's worth the search.

Sari Organik 

Eating at Sari Organik is quite an experience; not only for the food, but also for its location. It's smack in the middle of the Ubud's rice fields. You look out upon rice fields while enjoying your healthy meal, smoothie or cake here. Going there is an adventure in itself as you'll have to walk for about 20min on a small path through the rice fields but it is totally worth it.

Naughty Nuri's 

Don't look at appearance and judge on food! Naughty Nuri’s Warung is one of Ubud’s 'dining landmarks' - a street side grill, a small number of seating options within its simple hut and the most delicious ribs we've ever had. It promotes itself as a 'vegetarian’s nightmare', with various meats dominating its menu. A great alternative for carnivores in Ubud or for those who are a bit bored of all the vegan and vegetarian options in town. The main serving here is its premium grilled pork ribs, basted in a succulent ‘secret’ signature barbecue sauce - cherry on the cake, Naughty Nuri is also home to the best vodka-martini! 

Bambu Indah

Max took me here for one of our early dates, and this hotel/restaurant is simply wonderful. We didn’t get a chance to stay the night but we have been thinking about it for a while. Bambu Indah is primarily a hotel, however its wooden terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset over the surrounding forests and rice fields whilst with a glas of wine in your hand. Afterwards, make sure to head to one of the two on-site restaurants -  the first is located the top and the other one, just recently opened, is at the bottom of the valley, right next to the river. Menus do differ from one place to the other but in both cases, you are up for some privacy and amazing food in a delightful setting.