No need to introduce it, everybody knows Airbnb, the black beast of the hotel industry, the happiness of guests and owners. And Airbnb conquered us. Three times. In Bali.

One of the great things about Bali and Asia in particular, is prices. You can easily book an hotel room in an amazing place for the price of an hostel in a big city. Amongst our favourites hotels: the Mû Bungalows. But you also have the option of booking your private villa on Airbnb and if you dig enough, you’ll find some true gems. Here is a list of fabulous places we have been staying at for the weekend.


Sumberkima Hill Retreat

The Sumberkima Hill Retreat has 11 luxury villas overlooking the surrounding landscapes of north western Bali. Each villa is simple, modern and follows  balinese traditions. We stayed there for two nights in the Naga Villa and found it to be, without hesitation the most beautiful one. Wether from your bedroom, the swimming pool, or the living room – you always have that breathtaking view over the National Barat Park and the Java volcanos. 

That villa is also probably the biggest one: 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and one swimming pool. And let’s be honest: the pool house would have been enough for the two of us but luxury has no limit: one bathroom for each of us. 

A room with a spectacular view

I've been told that I’m not easily impressed. I've been told that people can read on me like an open book. When I saw the room with its view on the surrounding hills, my eyes lit up. Because, yes, it was love at first sight: a magnificent bright room with big windows and one breathtaking view on the hills. And I’m a total fan of the simplicity of the decoration in the room - well appropriate to Bali: cream and uncluttered wood.

Beachfront Designer Villa in Nusa Lembongan

I used to be a control freak, especially when it comes to travel but once again, I let Max decide on where we would stay for our trip to Nusa Lembongan. That’s, amongst others, one of the best decisions I took so far. I guess he is probably as picky as I am and has definitely a great taste to choose the perfect Airbnb.

But here we are, in this perfect villa, standing in front an amazing garden and its pool, overlooking the ocean. The house is perfect for two, and no kids allowed, couples preferred. 

There is only one bedroom, one huge kitchen - no needs as we mostly go out to have dinner, and as in most houses around the island, an open bathroom. The house, in some way, respects the balinese architecture of the traditional joglos - very open to the exterior and very bright. 

Located 20min away from Bali by boat, Nusa Lembongan is a small island and has many hotel options. Airbnb, in that case, is even more perfect as you can get a luxury beachfront villa - including a maid and a chef, for the price of a 5 star hotel. 

Bali II Mare  

At last but not least... Our last home crush while on the island: Bali II Mare, a luxury beachfront villa located at the north shore of Bali, approximately a 3 hours drive away from Ubud.

Expect the most of it. This villa offers everything you need and more: from the infinite pool to the private beach, the tennis court or the pool. You could easily spend a week there without putting a feet outside your front gate. Bali Il Mare has 4 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms one giant living-room and you can get a personal chef at your convenience. 

This villa was also home for our products photo shooting for our Bali Collection - plenty of space to use to feature our products.